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Percy Jackson Book 1
by Rick Riordan

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It's so good! I started drawing pictures of what I read.

The Long Haul Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

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Its a good book but not the best.

You Go First By Erin Entrada Kelly
by Erin Entrada Kelly

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great read

Isla And The Happily Ever After
by Stephanie Perkins

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It so real.

Anna And The French Kiss
by Stephanie Perkins

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Every time you read it it feels like the first time.

Peter And The Shadow Thieves Book
by Dave Barry And Ridley Pearson

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book because it had vivid detail and it was very exciting!

love monster and the perfect present
by Rachel Bright

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great read!

The School For Good And Evil Quests For Glory
by Soman Chainani

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"The School for Good and Evil: Quests for Glory" by Soman Chainani is jam-packed with action on every single page, and will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. This book is about two best friends, Agatha and Sophie, and a soon-to-be-king, Tedros. Agatha is the soon-to-be-queen, and they have a lot of preparing to do. But in order to become king, Tedros has to pull a sword from a stone. Except when he tries to pull it out, it won't budge. Tedros is highly annoyed and the audience confused. Why isn't the sword coming out, like it's supposed to? Meanwhile, Agatha, Sophie, and Tedros' other friends are starting to embark on incredible quests, and do not know that their teams will soon come together to the legendary and dangerous Four Point. According to the Storian, a magical pen that writes the students' fairy tales while in the School for Good and Evil, Tedros is the Lion and mysterious, yet dangerous somebody is the Snake. The Snake is determined to kill and destroy the School for Good and Evil. But instead, what if another unheard of Storian said that Tedros was NOT the Lion? While searching for the Snake that killed Tedros' best friend Chaddick, they come across their friends, Hort, Nicola, Dot, Hester, and Anadil. They have already reached four point and are in trouble! The Snake is trying to hang all of them! Agatha and Sophie save their friends and have to battle the snake until they are almost dead. But that is not the end of it. The Snake will soon return. In "The School for Good and Evil: Quests for Glory," you will come to bond with many of the characters, just like I did. I found myself thinking about how alike I was to Agatha. You will also find how you can sort of feel what the characters are feeling. For instance, when Tedros found out that Chaddick had died, i found myself feeling sad just as well as Tedros. I enjoyed this book a lot and i hope that you will give it a try sometime. Try out "The School for Good and Evil," "The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes," and "The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After."

Dumpling Days
by Grace Lin

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It makes you want to eat.
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